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BC.Game is hiring Community Managers!


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Hi Everyone!

We are looking for Community Managers to join our team to deliver highly impactful social experiences for all our wonderful players. As a Community Manager you will work closely with the MODs and Service Team to develop and manage across all social platforms, run events, and report on results. You will be responsible for the day to day execution of numerous social media functions on the BC.GAME brand channels.

We are looking for individuals who thrive in a dynamic environment, feel invigorated by multi-tasking, strive to meet high standards, raise the bar on teams and on projects, and are always at the forefront of crypto and gaming trends.

Essential Functions

  • Curate content & manage events across Telegram, Discord, on-site chat and other social channels.
  • Work closely with the Community and Service operations teams to develop exciting events that are fun, engaging, and action packed.
  • Obtain player feedback & suggestions from your within your respective community

We Are Especially Interested In Hiring Community Managers for our English, Indian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, German & Brazilian communities. 

Candidates must speak the language of their target region fluently. 

This will be a work from home full-time job with monthly salary! 

Please fill out this form if you would like to apply. Also, send your CV to [email protected]

If you qualify, our hiring manager will reach out to you for an interview and to discuss the details of the position. 

Your responses will not show in this forum. 

As always, your information is secure. 


Thank you!


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Tôi đã điền vào biểu mẫu tôi đang làm việc rất chăm chỉ, hãy cho tôi một cơ hội
Cảm ơn bạn
I come from Vietnam

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I then sent a request, and I'm still waiting)) 


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Hey BCJoe. I'd be a exceptional piece to team. PM me  when u see this.  I'd be upmost grateful for the position an opportunity to become a real part of this platform.  Hey, I been here since original sequence before updates.   That's when ether was given as daily task.  Been awhile , Mate. 

            DynoCryp/Mr. J. 

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That's great I hope you guys get the job!! 

I was a VIP host at the live casinos high limit very fun and exciting. 

I enjoy the other side too much tho..


Plinko % is really starting to to turn me Into a murdering hulk... I just want to post the game admin functions and see how pinkies ssvip reacts.... 



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Hey can u check on my app [email protected]

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I did also throw my hat in the ring. Good Luck to all applicants.

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