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The "CRASH" Syndrome

Teeming Culbertson

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"Crash" And the Crop Dusting Rainbow Kitty

What's the draw,  the allure, the adrenaline, the frustration ?  Why do we see more full moons than we catch ?  What is it not being seen, grasped about this game...?


This is how it goes:

Load up bc.game, log in & ready to GO !!  Stop & chat to people, check the Forum for the latest.  Make that deposit, is it confirmed yet ?  All of a sudden something captures your attention.  Something so familiar,  that something we like to see.  A cat, farting rainbow gas, comes flying in from the left of the numbers, flying past 100x.  Crop dusting those who are there to witness it's presence, with;  Excitement, thrill, pasion motivation, hope & the desire/need to get that BIG WIN !!  The feelling that today is a day to get a big win.  So you rush to your wallet to make a deposit & play.  As you're waiting, you analyze the rounds in hopes of seeing any hint of a pattern, a clue, a sense of getting that groove.  As the waiting, seemingly ending, for the confirmation to get that crypto in the wallet in time to catch that next MOON.  The Cat's Crop Dusting power wears off pretty quick as you soon start thinking of playing a different game, remembering frompast  experiences with Crash. You then go survey the terrainan, looking at other games.  Having no money, there are few places to have much fun.  So you find yourself back at Crash in no time.  Wondering where your deposit is, has it been confirmed yet ?  Those feelings return.  Sure enoug you notice, you're being Crop Dusted again be that damned, rainbow propelled Cat.  This brings on a sense of forboding, tension, regret that you had drained the wallet with those last unnecessary wagers, chasing that big win that had past & you wouldn't be missing out on opportunities like this.  Wow, a little joy & mixed feelings  BANG ! at 350x payout.  Confirmation, about time !  Collecting your thoughts as you settle into a mental thought pattern of controll.

(All recent past feelings have now been cast aside, a new you, a new discipline ready to win takes the lead...)

At Crash, setting up your bet, trying to hurry because BANG !  Screen is Counting down from 6 seconds.  You simultaneously notice, from the last MOON,  that a lot Reds have already past.  This brings a little hope, but also a feeling that you might miss out if you don't hurry.  You don't think too much, just want toget a bet in.  1 Second left & you click, "game is already in progress".  DAMN !  Missed It !  Hope it's not double digits  To your relief it's an instant bust.  Get Ready, the count down is starting again, click.  Wait for it,...wait for it, hold it hold, CLICK !  "You cashed out at 11.47 !"  Good one.  Good one, if we can keep this up...   On & on, up & down we go.  Bang, bang, bang !   Three rapid fire "Busted at..." in a row   1.01x,  0.99x, 0.99.  Where the hell did the "0.99" come from ? That's a bust before the start.  Continuing, trying to get that rhythm, find that pattern & a strategy starts to formulate.  Eventually deciding to skip a round in order to colllect thoughts, straighten out the control center.  Check the numbers on those passing rounds,  look for the pattern.  Look for the pattern.  It's one of THOSE days, you are feeling the vibe, CLICK watch, listen, feel,  CLICK "You cashed out at 1.87 !"   a tick later BANG !, got out JUST in time.  Dont let it go to you head. That will slap that surity outta of you system if you think you've figured it out.  Next bet,  CLICK...

Lol lol.  (If this is you, le tme know in comments, so manys times, so many nites, I'm glued to my monitor for hours playing Crash.  Not to curse myself, after three years of play Crash I am finally seeing a very good increase in the end Balance, end of round.  A couple days ago, I started off with a little of .00027000 sat ZEC.  The current Balance now:  0.00728791 ZEC.  That might not be anything to you big waggers out there, compared to my long ass loss trend, this is AMAZING.  And not only the ZEC, but a couple other coins.


What's really going on here though ?   Why the frustration ?   Why the feeling of;  the game is rigged, electronic survelillance to gather you wagering style ?  

The answer is; In a sense the game is "rigged".  The Random Number Generator.  It is developed to throw numbers out "Randomly", right ?  You just pay attention & you might see something.  When you are getting ready to start playing.  Do not make any bets, just sit and watch for ten of so rounds maybe more.  Try & discipline yourself to take a win, rather than playing it as far as you "think" "before" the bust.  In the long run, it much better to take a series of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x wins, rather than "chasing" only to find yourself with a string of 15 losses at bet.

Remember, discipline is key.  Don't let emotions, frustration take hold, you'll drain the wallet.  Sitting there at: 0.00000000, asking yourself how did that happen.


Happy Wagering all you BC.gamers. 

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I really love this , you know why because I understood everything and you made it clear, being in a haste to use small crypto to win logs of coin in minutes , imagine betting 0.005 on 100x layouts it's really funny cause at the end of the day you may end up bursting 25btc winning none. I really love this topic good luck bro am echebase23 enjoy ur day. 😘😘


Safe bet all hear

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Crash! And the Crop dusting Kitty 

Why is it so appealing? Why do we see more moons than we catch? What we may not be realizing about this game... 


You load up BC.Game. you log in. Chat. maybe check Forum or head to your wallet to make a deposit for the day. All of a sudden something captures your attention. Something familiar that we like to see. A cat, farting rainbow gas, comes flying in from the left of the numbers rising past 100x. Crop dusting those who are there to witness its presence with a number of things, like Excitement, thrill, passion, motivation, hope. The feeling that today is a day to get a big win. So you rush to your wallet to make a deposit and play. As you’re waiting you try watching to analyze the rounds in hopes to see your deposit confirm in time for the next MOON. the cat's crop dusting power wears off pretty quick as you soon start thinking of playing a different game remembering from past experiences with Crash. You then go survey around looking at other games. Having no money there's few places to have much fun, so you find yourself back at Crash in no time. Wondering where your deposit is, or if its been confirmed yet. Those feelings start coming back. Sure enough you notice you're being crop dusted again by another cat. this time it fills you with Disappointment or maybe regret that you hadn't left coins in your account so you wouldn't miss out on opportunities like this. Wow, a little joy and mixed up feelings seeing BANG! at 350x payout. Now you're really wondering where your deposit is and leave to check the blockchain. It’s confirmed. What the heck you think as you head back to the sight. to much relief you see a notification saying your deposit has been credited. 

(All recent past feelings have now been cast aside and a new you, ready to win takes the lead)..., . 

You’re at crash setting up your bet, trying to hurry because it just banged. Screen is Counting down from 6 seconds. You simultaneously notice from the last moon that a lot of reds have already past.This brings in a little hope, but also a feeling that you might miss out if you don't hurry. so you don't think too much and just want to get a bet in. 1 seconds left and click, you click. “game is already in progress”. Damn! Missed it. Hoping it's not a lost cause. To your relief it’s an instant bust. Giving a little more hope that you're soon to see a decent sized crash happen. Quickly letting go of that moment, to be prepared for the next round. You click bet next round so You manage to get on and you wait. Bangs again much sooner than you hoped for. But it was just the first bet so who cares. You keep on playing, next few rounds you crash out before it crashes and you begin feeling good. Like you’re getting in tune. This continues for a couple minutes. meanwhile, in between the crashes you've thought of a strategy that you want to play. You eventually decide to miss out on a round in order to adjust the details of your bet. As you’re making the changes, a few rounds already went by because of quick BANGs! That's good as it's what you like to see if you’re not betting when you're playing anyways. This also 

reassures your feeling of being in tune so you trust your doing the right thing to win. your about done and rush to click BET. AgAin missed another round. This time reaching your payout that you decided to go for. ....Por Que!!!! 

Lol lol. (if this has happened to you let me know in comments, this happens to me almost every week or just before any deposit i make lol) 


What's happening here? Why is it frustrating us and why does it seem to many of us that this game is going against us? 

The answer is; it’s all about timing. If you take a moment and observe the game, you’ll quickly see how fast a red streak can happen versus a greenstreak or green moon streak even. A green streak with no moons would take a considerable amount of time in comparison to a red streak even if there were lots of reds banging above 1.5x. So just think of how much more time it takes for a moon to pass by. Chances are, you’re going to see a moon before you see a green and chances are you’re going to see a green before you see a red. That's why it feels we are always seeing moons when we aren't playing versus when we are playing. You are more alert when you have bets going on than when you don’t. and the Red Bangs can easily be missed in the short amount of time they are able to be seen. 

So don't let what you see when you aren't betting, affect you. Though it is captivating and draws any gamblers attention. And yet i'm still drawn to play but it's nice to understand it this way now. Hopefully it helps others if you are feeling like Crash is against us. It's not. It's just our timing. We can't control it really so just gotta play with patience and be persistent.

**** this is what i had written to be proof read and i did allow permission for him to use and post this content. However the post is now going completely opposite from what i am trying to point out and it is be written from playing crash from another site. There are no 0.99 busts here at BC.game.**** so i decided to add this to maybe help make it make more sense. To everybody.  


This may seem like, “no, we are for sure playing a rigged game”, but we ARE NOT playing a rigged game. What we are seeing when we don't play, are more good wins because our full attention isn’t in the game as when we are actually betting. Plus on top of it, it takes anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds, (maybe 15 seconds at the max), roughly for a red bust to play on screen, it can take anywhere from 15 seconds (At the least) to possibly 2 minutes or more depending on how high it goes to bust in a moon. There's a lot more time for a moon to grab your attention. 

Why is this helpful? Well if anything it clears the conspiracy that online games are being rigged. Especially this one At bc.game. It's not healthy to think from a conspiracists point of view. It leads you nowhere w=but paranoia and will indefinitely take you out of your groove and get you out of line with your positive life force energy which is where you need to be if you’re trying to catch some luck. I think a lot. And I allow my mind to remain open to be able to see things from different perspectives. I've learned a lot in doing so. One lesson that is easily able to fit in with this phenomenon is;

“The more focus we give to something, the more power we give it in our lives” 

In relation to this phenomenon happening with the energy from seeing Crash at BC.game, this still holds true because there's simply more time spent in greens and moons than there is time spent in reds. Plus it really doesn't grab attention until it's rising about 10.00x anyways. Unless you're playing the game currently. But that when the focus is on all round, including the red busts. And it only feels like so many more red busts are happening because your focus is being given to them. 

Hope this makes sense.


A decision must now be made; 

I guess ill just post a reply to the post that completely morphed what i was originally planning to share. but I think it would do more good to make a new post though so yea im going to just create a knew post. (This is a clue into how my brain is always and i mean always thinking. I can out argue myself multiple times no matter which side i am currently defending) I cant quite decide sometimes so that is why i entrust some work to others. Mainly because at least its settled on something. but when i see something important like this destroyed like the way it has been, i have to do something. So im going to post this as a comment then. Final answer. 

Just a bit Cray Z    but I definitely think its healthy. Lol i asked for ultimate understand. Its not until i understood that that meant id understand why it is and why it is not about everything i encounter that i regretted my request. But ive managed to learn to be happy with it. I just need to find people who i can trust and who can see the beauty that is understood in the mind. I typically choose to stay positive side of things. Some say its unrealistic. But do i care to change? No because i at least happy 90 percent of the time and ive got me myself and i basically to rely on to survive and create all the ideas fluttering around in my head. 

Current mood… healing

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